Sustainable Society

Sustainable Society


Most people buy their products especially flowers that are imported from other countries mostly from south America. They tend not to be aware of the origin of the flowers when they purchase online or big box stores.  The limitation of the uses of pesticides, insecticides, and other chemicals are different in different countries. You need to be aware of the origin of the products that you purchase. Most imported flowers are not eco-friendly but injected with different chemicals to live longer while leaving the quality behind and affecting local businesses. When you buy from locals, it does not help the local economy but creates a sustainable society, and eco-friendly.

When we buy online flowers it tends to look great quality and attractive in the pictures but  it is mostly untrue in the real world. The flowers or bouquet that really last longer and smell better are from locals. Those are only eco-friendly flowers that are watered efficiently and do not use pesticides. According to some surveys, 80% of flower purchases are made online or big box stores. It does not affect the consumer regarding the quality of the flowers, eco-friendly environment, but also affects the small local businesses.

The business like us does not only promise to use fresh and  hand-picked flowers from locals but also promises to help local businesses.  Small businesses are the backbone of every well balanced society that helps to prosper and participate with each other. Small cafes, florists, restaurants, bookstores, accountants, grocery stores, and many other businesses from different areas help to build a sustainable & balanced society. When you buy from locals, you are also helping the local economy not for the big corporations. We are not against corporations nor we cannot compete with them but we are more concerned about quality and sustainable society. 

We are proud to be a part of the society that uses seasonal flowers that are produced locally and are sustainably grown. To learn more about our flower, please contact us directly and we are be happy to give all the details of each flowers that are used in your bouquets, arrangements, or any of our products.

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  • Abhash Karki Reply

    i highly appreciate your thoughts and input regarding local business.

    February 23, 2020 at 8:38 am

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